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Coriander Powder

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Perfectly grounded from Coriander seeds, coriander powder India is an essential condiment in most Indian recipes. The pleasing aroma and savoury taste of the powder extend a new dimension to food in Indian cuisines. Vitagreen Products Pvt. Ltd. is trusted coriander powder manufacturers with a proven track record of quality and excellence in our products.

Flavours to Savour

Coriander powder is derived from quality coriander seeds plant. It extends a mild flavour and aroma to your cooking and is widely used in sweet and savoury preparations. Coriander powder is also known as Dhaniya powder by Indian locals. This powder is made from one of the world's oldest spices.

Coriander is considered both, a spice as well as an herb around the world. The seeds of the plant are properly dried and roasted before they are grounded. This enables us to retain the aromatic flavour of the seeds and provide ready to use powder to our prestigious customers.

Addition of Nutrition

Coriander powder is known to aid digestion and is also an excellent remedy for fever. It can provide a soothing relief from heat and is thus a popular drink in summer. Coriander powder is also known to detox the body from any present chemicals. This powder also has pain-relieving properties and is known to enhance circulation.

Being renowned coriander powder exporters, we understand our customer requirements and deliver products that match customer needs. We also offer a wide range of packaging options right from a 50g pouch to bulk packs up to 50kg. Whether you are looking for whole seeds, grounded powder or cracked forms, we can deliver premium quality coriander powder India.

Paking Availble
50 Gm, 100 Gm, 200 Gm, 500 Gm,, 5 Kg

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