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Dry Ginger Powder

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Just like the name suggests, Dry Ginger Powder is a ground form of dried ginger roots. This spice is often used to add a mild taste and gingery flavour to food. Popularly known as the leading dry ginger powder manufacturers, Vitagreen Products Pvt. Ltd. provides the best quality dry ginger powder to all our customers.

A Fresh Seasoning Agent

Dry ginger powder finds many uses and benefits in Indian cuisines. It is often used to flavour gingerbreads and cookies; combined with other spices to create tea masala for a strong flavour and added with other spices to enhance the taste of curries and gravies. Nothing can beat the taste of warm tea with dry ginger powder on a cold winter morning!

A Healthy Boon

Ginger is known to be a highly friendly herb. It is like a multipurpose Swiss knife for overall good health. Also known as soonth powder, this dry ginger powder can be extremely useful if you don't always have fresh ginger in your refrigerator.

The powder can be effective in curing indigestion, cold, cough and a sore throat. It is also known to treat nausea. The use of this powder can also help in blood circulation, cleanse the kidneys and bowels, contribute towards removing toxins from the body and nourish overall skin.

A Quality Product

We're famous Dry Ginger Powder exporters known for our premium quality and industry-leading prices. We produce the powder using the best quality dried ginger slices. We can offer specific packaging as per our buyer's requirements or you can select from our existing packs of 50g and 100g. For bulk requirements, we also offer 20kg, 25 kg and 50 kg packs.

Add nutrition and seasoning to your life with this exceptional spice.

Dried Ginger
Paking Availble
50 Gm, 100 Gm,

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